About Us

Collin County Democrats With Disabilities is a North Texas-based organization committed to representing the needs and issues of people with disabilities.

Our mission is to be a visible, proactive advocate for positive change within Collin and surrounding counties, the Democratic Party, and the communities within which we live, work, shop, and attend school. To this end we will 

  • Proactively work toward the full implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and support other legislation which serves the community of people with disabilities, to include but not limited to:
  • Expansion of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Elimination of institutional bias in the funding of Long Term Services and Support (LTSS)
  • Increase access to affordable accessible, integrated housing
  • Increase funding for the Housing Trust Fund
  • Educate residents of Collin and surrounding counties as to the nature and needs of the disability community
  • Establish a presence in disability-related organizations
  • Encourage Democrats with disabilities to participate in Democratic politics and to serve on governmental boards and commissions in Collin and surrounding counties
  • Encourage people with disabilities to serve as Directors and Committee Chairs and members of Not-for-Profit organizations that advocate and provide services for people with disabilities
  • Identify and support Democrats with disabilities as candidates for public office
  • Encourage people with disabilities to participate in Democratic politics and serve on committees and as officers of the Democratic Party
  • Expand the Democratic base by recruiting and expanding  CCDWD  membership


Vice President: Selena Vincin

Secretary: Rita Morningstar Flinchum

Treasurer:  JC Puckett

Outreach:  John Wagoner

Editor:  Gayle Ogden

Art & Graphics:  Charlie Tree Hughes

Website Advisor:  Diane Treider

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