About Us

Collin County Democrats With Disabilities is a North Texas-based organization committed to representing the needs and issues of people with disabilities.

Our mission is to be a visible, proactive advocate for positive change within Collin and surrounding counties, the Democratic Party, and the communities within which 

  • Proactively work toward the full implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and support other legislation which serves the community of people with disabilities, to include but not limited to:

— Expansion of Medicare and Medicaid

— Elimination of institutional bias in the funding of Long Term Services and Support (LTSS)

— Increase access to affordable accessible, integrated housing
— Increase funding for the Housing Trust Fund
  • Educate residents of Collin and surrounding counties as to the nature and needs of the disability community
  • Establish a presence in disability-related organizations
  • Encourage people with disabilities who share our values to serve as Directors and Committee Chairs and members of non profit organizations that advocate and provide se rvices for people with disabilities
  • Identify and support people with disabilities who share our values to be candidates for public office                                                                                                                                                   
  • Recruit people with disabilities and advocates for CCDWD membership
President:  Kate Garrison
Vice President:  Dana Wilson Smith
Secretary:  Rita Morningstar Flinchum
Treasurer:  JC Puckett                                                                                                                                                 Contributors
— Gayle Ogden, Editor
— Charlie Tree Hughes, Art & Graphics
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