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Paid Positions

Polling Place Workers

Polling Place Workers generally conduct the voting, check in voters (giving them ballot access), and perform other clerical work.  Every location will have a Judge, in charge of all activity.  Every location also has an Alternate Judge, who is the first assistant to the Judge and is able to take charge when or if the Judge is not present.  In addition, each location has Clerks in numbers based on the expected voter turnout for the location.

— Early Voting – 12 continuous days before election day.  Oct 24-Nov 4. $10 per hour plus overtime.

Election Day – Nov 8. 14 hours at $10 per hour, all straight time.

Ballot Board  – several days between Oct 24 and Nov 13.  $10 per hour.  Members process mail ballots, provisional ballots, early voting machines, and perform other clerical work at the County Elections Office in McKinney.

Non- Paid Volunteer Positions

— Poll Watchers observe activity from within polling places, document issues, and report them to a Rapid Response Team.

Poll Greeters talk to voters entering or leaving polling places.

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